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Software development company that creates cutting-edge low code business solutions of any complexity for any industry. We accelerate custom software development dozens of times with our innovative platform HyperObjects.

HyperObjects — smart enterprise software development platform based on modelling

HyperObjects - fast and innovative application development platform

HyperObjects is a low-code platform that provides an all-in-one solution to create reliable applications that match specific business needs, budget, and timeframe.

The platform dynamically creates any business applications of any complexity using models.
The innovation lies in an extended modelling of business specifics and a simple and flexible use.

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We can help you come up with custom application solutions tailored to your business needs and requirements. Whether it comes to developing a new enterprise application, we know how to help you on your way to IT success. Our experts provide you with extensive consulting in custom software development based on HyperObjects low-code platform.


Our company provides outsourcing development services based on our platform. We can completely outsource your entire application development project or provide strategic consulting on different facets of the application development processing.


Get professional support for your business at different stages of the application development process with HyperObjects platform. We have the skills, expertise and experience to shape any idea into detailed solution specifications. We also manage full-cycle development of enterprise systems of any complexity and integrate them quickly into business processes and IT infrastructures.

For investors

We are happy to present our project in detail to investors, VC or business angels and other people interested in cooperation with us and discuss further possible collaboration/partnership.

We have a clear vision of future steps to reach a total company capitalization of $3 000 000 by 2023:

In 2022

we will enter the market and start selling our HyperObjects platform.

In 2023

we will provide our own direct consulting and outsourcing service based on the HyperObjects platform.

Concurrently, we have completed 68% of MVP and we are looking for investors to attract additional funds and to accelerate the company growth.

To finance our first steps $220 000 have been already invested from personal means: $66 000 personal CEO’s investments and the rest — labour contribution.

In the first place you can look through our investment and business plan:

Our timeline

About us

Our team consists of 14 skilled and determined professionals, who cover all necessary parts of the development process with their expertise in engineering, management, business analytics, PR and marketing.

Meet some of our team members

Anton Lemeshko

Founder, project owner, tech lead

Dzmitry Alifer

Senior full-stack developer

Anna Doudement

Project manager, marketing and PR

Pavel Novikov

IT manager, financial analyst

Stefan Colić

DevOps engineer

Denis Kuzmin

Senior software engineer

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